The inside of Emma Boors imagination is a truly unique and interesting place.


Emma Boor has created her puppetry company ‘Wild Boor Ideas’ to spread as much joy as possible! Using a hodge podge of puppetry, theatre, music, costume and story. Wild Boor Ideas weaves its magic across Oxford and beyond.

See Emma’s BBC Oxford interview where see tells us all about the joy her puppets can bring to your day.

What’s on

Other ways to see Wild Boor shows

Little LITES
(Little, Interactive, Theatre, ExperienceS)

Choose from one of the 15 themed interactive puppets and play sessions where participants join in as the story unfolds. Full of music, puppet characters and gentle clowning 'Little LITES' is a puppetry session that can stimulate the imagination and open up a whole new world of play.

Themes available: Brilliant Birds, The Shoe Farm, The Magic Woods, Down Town, Travel and Transport, Queasy Creatures Zoo, Super Space, Weather and Washing, Buildings and Homes, Cat and Mouse, Super Hero’s, Dino show, 'Drawy Story, Lunch Box Circus and Under the sea.


Funky Monkey & The Juicy Fruits

A puppet play about some funky food, some gunky food and a monkey dude! Funky Monkey is the coolest guy in the jungle until one day he loses his funk.

The Abominable Snowman

Follow Emma as she tells a snowy tale of a lazy boy, a greedy woodcutter and a large and lonely snowman. Wave your wand and find out if friendship will conquer all in this wonderful Wild Boor Ideas production.

The Grow Show

This joyful interactive puppet performance features shadow puppets, glove puppets, catchy songs and a garden that grows before your very eyes!

The Tree Top Restaurant

Visit Emma’s restaurant where all the animals come for lunch. She serves treetop delights such as sycamore sausages, juniper jelly and oak leaf ice cream.

The Peanut Butter Pirates

Meet a whole host of nutty puppet characters as you set sail across the kitchen! A show with songs, music, puppetry and lots of nutty behaviour.

Cinderella Green The Recycling Queen

The well-loved tale with an environmentally friendly twist: a puppet play of Rubbish, Recycling and Romance.

The Elves and The Shoemaker

A poor cobbler is down on his luck but his simple acts of kindness inspire some magical elves to offer him help in return.

Super Market Scrooge

warm-hearted, wacky tale about the true meaning of Christmas and the challenge of the last-minute seasonal food shop.

Hey Little Bird

Join Emma in her fancy hat shop as she tells the touching tale of a freshly hatched bird and his search to find his mum. What kind of bird will he turn out to be?

Aladdin and the magical lamp

Alison Laddin works hard in the market place and loves inventing electrical gadgets to help people. But one day she mends an electric lamp with a difference – it has a Genie inside. Will all her wishes come true?

Contact Emma

  07815 118 232

Or send me a message, I'd love to hear from you!